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    Intershop Communications AG was founded in Germany in 1992 and is an independent, internationally leading provider of omnichannel commerce solutions. Intershop Commerce Suite is a multi-client solution you can use to create digital marketing concepts for diverse business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2X), sales channels, and touchpoints. As the only Platinum Partner Intershop in France, DATASOLUTION will successfully support you in the development and integration of your solution.

    The complete commerce platform that adapts as fast as you do.

    Manage all your essential e-commerce functionality with the Intershop Commerce Platform. Connect with customers, create unique experiences, update product information, and track orders with the comprehensive e-commerce system that gives you the complete overview. Turbo Agile Commerce Launch faster and stay flexible with robust e-commerce capabilities that are easy to customize for your unique needs. Differentiate your business and turbo-charge your results. Stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique customer experience Out-of-the-box B2B capabilities Robust tools and templates adapt to your corporate structure, workflows, and sales regions. Self-service options empower your customers and take the pressure off your sales teams. Unsurpassed customer experience Give your buyers the best possible experience with personalized customer portals, targeted promotions, and advanced order management functionality.

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