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    Project management, implementation, user testing, hosting, roll-out ... on each project, our teams assist you at each step of the delivery. Our Agile methodology and our deployment tools ensure the quality of the deliverables and processes.

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    Created in 2010, Pimcore is an award-winning software, which delivers significant business value by breaking up data silos that exist in many companies. 100% open Source, Pimcore is a single digital platform for product information, digital assets, digital commerce and web content. As the Strategic Partner in France, DATASOLUTION promotes and integrates Pimcore since 5 years.
    To facilitate data integrations and control the data flows and interfaces, DATASOLUTION decided to join the WSO2 Middleware ecosystem. WSO2 connects different systems and makes them communicate. It also provides applicative APIs and monitoring tools. GDPR compliance is also easier with the WSO2 Middleware. DATASOLUTION offer with WSO2 relies on 100% Open-Source solutions and applications to achieve these goals.
    Based in Nantes, Akeneo was founded in 2013 with the idea that products are the most important assets in a company and that many merchants lack a tool to help them manage and leverage this crucial asset. Merchants needed a tool that was designed for marketers and flexible enough to be integrated with any third-party application. Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition is the ultimate in product experience management and offers a robust set of enterprise-level features and capabilities.
    Magento is so agile and user-friendly, you can launch your site quickly, adapt to market needs in real time, and achieve ROI faster than ever. With its up-to-date technology, its ecosystem and its marketplace of extensions, you can deliver an irresistible, seamless shopping experience at every customer touchpoint with Magento Commerce .
    Intershop Communications AG was founded in Germany in 1992 and is an independent, internationally leading provider of omnichannel commerce solutions. Intershop Commerce Suite is a multi-client solution you can use to create digital marketing concepts for diverse business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2X), sales channels, and touchpoints. As the only Intershop Gold Partner in France, DATASOLUTION will be able to assist you in the delivery of your eCommerce platform.
    Based in Nantes, Extraflow's mission is to help customers regain control of their flows. Extraflow relies on its expertise in terms of architecture and its knowledge of the WSO2 middleware (Enterprise Integrator, API Manager...)
    DATASOLUTION offers its own private Cloud solution, designed, built and operated by our operations team. This offer can integrate "on-demand" server boost and/or disaster recovery and activity plans, in order to meet all your requirements in terms of business continuity. DATASOLUTION Cloud is specially optimized for hosting Intershop, Magento and Pimcore platforms requiring scalability and high availability.
    Your hosting solution based on AWS Cloud, with DATASOLUTION service included. AWS provides a reliable, scalable and affordable infrastructure platform in the Cloud, which hosts hundreds thousands companies in 190 countries in the world. DATASOLUTION will manage conception, deployment and operations, and propose a single point of contanct for all inquiries (changes, roll-out, configuration ...)